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Local, Not-for-Profit Organisations 


Priddy Parish Council maintains a Calendar of Events taking place on the Village Greens to help with the planning of maintenance and future works to

safeguard the greens, and to ensure that events do not clash. 


Any organisation planning an event should advise the Parish Clerk about it,giving dates and details of the event including any time required before or

after the event for setting up and dismantling. An assurance that suitable insurance is in place is also required, and copies of the relevant documents

should be available on request. 


Additionally, adequate stewarding arrangements for those attending the event and their vehicles should be in place and the Parish Clerk should be advised of those arrangements. 


Event organisers are responsible for returning the village greens to a good condition after the event. Should adverse weather conditions or other

unforeseen circumstances occur, organisers are expected to consult with the Parish Council, who may require postponement, relocation or cancellation of  the event. 


All organisations using the Green are expected to be familiar with the PPC bye­ laws that cover the Village Greens and their use. Details of activities which may require Parish Council consent are outlined in this document and the Parish Clerk should be advised of any planned activities which fall within the scope of those bye-laws.


Agreed by the Parish Council 

3rd February, 2016

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