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John Plummer's Charity

John Plummer was a Mendip-top farmer in the early 1700's. Aged, unwell and nearly blind, he made his will leaving half of his property and its income for the benefit of the 'second poor' (those with no relief or parish pay) of Priddy and half for West Harptree. John Plummer died on June 11th 1736.

Quoting from his gravestone in Priddy Church:

Happy the man whose tender care,

Relieves the poor distrest,

When troubles compass him around,

The Lord shall give him rest'

Plummer's farm was tenanted until 1975, with the small surplus income distributed between Priddy and West Harptree. The Charity commission then gave permission for the farm to be sold, and the proceeds invested. This the Trustees successfully achieved and the income provides help for parishioners.

To: All Residents in the Parish of Priddy.

          From :  Plummer's Charity Trustees.

          December 2022


The Trustees wish to advise all Parishioners that helpful grants are made from the charity to support anyone in need, in the spirit of the original wishes of John Plummer.


In addition anyone leaving School for further or higher education, beginning an apprenticeship or starting their own business can apply to the Trust for a  useful grant.


If you know of anyone who could benefit from this help or anyone who is eligible for a grant, please contact :

The Clerk to the Trustees,


Ian Jennings, Chapel House, Nine Barrows Lane, Priddy.


Or any of the Trustees directly:

Maxine Gibbons

Joanne Simmons

Richard Walker

Nick Furze

Please note that all nominations and Recipients are confidential.


We hope that our available funds can be used to support any Parishioner in these difficult times, as John Plummer intended, and we would be pleased to hear from you.


Thank you.


If you receive a payment, do think of John Plummer and the good his action has achieved over so many years.


The Trustees.  December 2022.


With acknowledgements to Ted King

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