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Due to its special character film or other companies occasionally approach Priddy Parish Council for permission to undertake commercial activities on the Green.

PPC recognises the contribution such activities can bring to the local area, so in order to promote the parish and support the local economy PPC will support the use of the Green for such activities, provided that:


1. The proposed date and time does not conflict or interfere with any other

events being held on the Green.


2. A ‘Use of the Green’ Agreement Form is completed and returned to the Parish Clerk, with a copy if the Public Liability Insurance Certificate and Risk Assessment. Full details of the organisation including contact details must be provided.


3. Vehicles are not parked on the Green: agreement should be sought from

other landowners as appropriate to ensure congestion and disruption on the

road is kept to a minimum.


4. Suitable traffic management measures are put in place in liaison with

Somerset Highways.


5. The organisation keeps local residents informed about the nature of the

activity by letter drop at least seven days prior to its commencement. Details of any potential disruption should be clearly explained and signs erected if

necessary. This information should also be posted on the parish web site.


6. Noise is kept to a minimum and all members of the organisation behave

respectfully to local residents.


7. Emergency access is maintained at all times and no footpaths or highways are blocked without notice.


8. Plans for the removal of any waste and remedial actions are clearly explained.


9. A donation to PPC for each day’s use is negotiated with the Parish Clerk.


10. Where appropriate the organisation discusses compensation arrangements

with local businesses and residents who are specifically affected

Please contact,

Reviewed Apr 2022

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